55 St peters street is a 16th century building originally used to help and assist people on their pilgrimage to Canterbury cathedral. It was refaced in the 18th century into the building you see today.

At some stage in the 20th century it was converted into a restaurant and it has been so for over 50 years, earning the title of oldest restaurant in the city.


Initially opened as "The cherry pie" and then in 1983 re-branded as Marlowe's Restaurant along side the opening of Marlowe theatre. In 2016 our restaurant was then changed into modern British cuisine Since then we have now acquired the title of top 3 modern British restaurants in Canterbury and will continue to produce quality dishes pursuing better rankings and give the good old Marlowe’s the recognition it deserves.

We value quality over speed, however if you are in the rush please let us know

The perfect pit stop for fun and food

Set in the heart of Canterbury’s bustling high street and just a stone throw from the cathedral, Marlowe’s restaurant offers something a bit different to other eateries in the area

Named after the city’s famous playwright and just yards from the theatre, Marlowes makes a great place to grab something to eat before or after a show.