• Pork belly £7.95
    apple cider and honey glazed belly of pork served with parsnip crisps and crostini slices
  • Salmon carpaccio £9.95
    smoked salmon served with king prawns, Marie rose sauce and avocado cream with balsamic crouton sticks
  • Mediterranean stack (V)(V) £6.95
    grilled vegetables layered with vegan cheese served with pesto, lime pickled red onion and brioche crostini
  • Fillet steak £27.95
    matured 8oz fillet steak cooked to your liking served with grilled asparagus, peppercorn sauce, chips and crispy peppered onions
  • Grilled Salmon £17.95
    grilled salmon served with minted pea risotto and sweet chilli prawns
  • Sea food linguini £15.95
    combination of king prawns, mussels and squid cooked in white wine, butter and cherry tomato sauce
  • Trio of lamb £19.95
    combination of lamb shoulder rilette, lamb medallions and lamb cutlet served with roasted new potatoes, charred vegetables and red wine jus
  • Spring Risotto £14.95
    creamy pesto risotto with asparagus goats cheese crumbs and roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Gin, lime and elderflower cheese cake £7.95
    Served with elder flower gin cocktail shot Gluten Free
  • Espresso martini cheesecake £7.95
    Served with Tia Maria Gluten Free
  • Apple tart £6.95
    Served hot or cold with custard or pouring cream
  • Cheese board £9.95
    Combination of cheeses with grapes, celery, dried berries, crackers and port wine
  • Marlowes sundae £5.95
    choice of strawberry and raspberry sundae or chocolate and fudge sponge sundae

Side Orders


Garlic ciabatta bread, Bread and butter, Sweet potato chips


Crushed potatoes, New potatoes, Roasted baby potatoes, Charred vegetables, Sautéed mushrooms, Crispy peppered onions, House salad, Green beans

Kids Menu

Including soft drink £6.95

Choose your favourite meal

Cheese burger - fish goujons - chicken goujons

Choose two sides

Chips - crushed potatoes - buttered linguini or penne pasta - peas - boiled potatoes - mushrooms - fried egg - roasted new potatoes - sliced cucumber - sweet potato chips

Kids Dessert


Chocolate and fudge sponge sundae
Strawberry and raspberry sundae
Banoffee pie
Apple tart and custard
Two Ice cream scoops of your choice
(chocolate, strawberry or vanilla)

1 course £8.95 - 2 courses £12.95 - 3 courses £16.95

  • Breaded brie
    served with sweet chilli sauce
  • House pate
    served with onion marmalade, gherkins and toasted bread
  • Crispy Calamari and courgette
    served with home made tartare sauce
  • Creamy garlic mushrooms
    topped with cheese and fresh bread
  • Garlic crostini
    with avocado and tomato marinated in garlic, basil and olive oil *Vegan
  • Belly of pork
    finished in a cider and honey glaze served with crushed new potatoes and bacon sage sauce
  • House chicken
    on a bed crushed potatoes, green beans and creamy garlic mushroom sauce
  • House cheeseburger
    With salad and chips (add bacon or peppered onions £1.50each)
  • Veggie burger (V)(V)
    100% vegan burger with lettuce, tomato and vegan mayonnaise served with roasted rosemary potatoes
  • Sirloin steak
    6oz mature sirloin steak served with chips and salad (add pepper sauce, crispy peppered onions or mushrooms £1.50 each)
  • Sea bass fillet
    with new potatoes, green beans and lemon butter sauce with cherry tomatoes
  • Traditional fish and chips
    battered cod fillet served with chips, mushy peas and home made tartare sauce)
  • Salmon linguine
    Creamy smoked salmon and courgette sauce tossed with linguini pasta
  • Penne pesto (V)(V)
    Penne pasta tossed charred vegetables and basil pesto *Vegan
  • Blackened chicken salad
    Chicken avocado salad with French dressing
  • Mediterranean salad (V)
    Mixed salad topped with feta cheese, basil and avocado
  • Marlowe’s Banoffee pie
  • Home made Tiramisu
  • Lemon panna cotta with raspberry coulis
  • Chocolate raspberry torte (V)
All our sandwiches are served with ciabatta bread and salad
add chips £1.95
  • Blackened chicken £6.95
    With dressed lettuce and avocado
  • Smoked salmon £7.95
    With lettuce, cucumber and lime pickled red onions
  • Feta cheese £5.95
    With tomato, baby spinach and basil
  • Steak £7.95
    With mushrooms and crispy onions
  • King prawns £7.95
    King prawns, Marie rose sauce lettuce and avocado
  • Mediterranean (V)(V) £5.95
    Lettuce, tomato, avocado, lime pickled red onion on brioche

*Note: if you have any allergies, intolerances or any dietary requirement please let us know

Lunch menu & Sandwiches served 11:30AM - 16:30PM Mon - Sat. Not available with any offers, discounts or vouchers

2 courses £18.95 - 3 courses £21.95

  • House pate
    served with bacon crumbs, onions marmalade, pickles, butter and toasted bread
  • Goats cheese
    wrapped in dry cured ham served with honey toasted large croutons and chicory dressed with a balsamic reduction
  • Smoked salmon
    served with samphire grass, large balsamic croutons and poached egg
  • Belly of pork
    apple cider and honey glazed served with grilled bread and parsnip crisps
  • King prawns
    with chorizo, garlic, parsley and butter sauce served with toasted ciabatta
  • Minted pea soup
    served with garlic croutons, crispy bacon and a drizzle of vinaigrette
  • Garlic mushrooms
    creamy garlic mushrooms toped with cheese served with fresh bread
  • Wrapped turkey
    escalopes of turkey wrapped with dry cured ham served with roasted vegetables, Brussels sprouts and a cranberry port sauce
  • Marlowe,s chicken
    marinated boneless chicken thighs served with crushed new potatoes and a rosemary, bacon, shallot and mushrooms sauce
  • Sirloin steak
    8oz matured sirloin steak served with chips, crispy peppered onions, salad and peppercorn sauce
  • Lamb medallions
    marinated lamb medallions served with roasted vegetables, crispy oyster mushrooms and rosemary shallot sauce
  • Pork fillet
    pan fried pork fillet served with crushed new potatoes, spinach and a sage and bacon sauce topped with crispy peppered onions
  • Salmon duo
    salmon served with smoked salmon fishcake, spinach, dill sauce and poached egg
  • Goats cheese gratin
    layers of creamy goats cheese with sliced potatoes, spinach and garlic topped with onion marmalade and side garlic bread
  • Christmas pudding flambé
    served with your choice of brandy sauce or pouring cream
  • House fudge cake
    chocolate fudge cake with cream of cappuccino and vanilla ice Cream
  • Baked cheesecake
    dressed in salted caramel sauce served with shot of baileys
  • Banoffee pie
    served with caramel ice cream
  • Tiramisu
    served tia Maria
  • Lemon and lime panna cotta
    served with honey cream

*Note: if you have any allergies, intolerances or any dietary requirement please let us know

Lunch menu & Sandwiches served from 11:30AM Mon - Sat. Not available with any offers, discounts or vouchers

2 courses £15.95 - 3 courses £19.95

  • Breaded brie (V)
    served with sweet chilli sauce
  • House pate
    with onion marmalade, bacon crumbs, gherkins and toasted bread
  • Salt and pepper squid
    Served with courgette crisps and home made tartare sauce
  • Creamy garlic mushrooms duo (V)
    Topped with crispy oyster mushrooms served on toasted ciabatta bread
  • Mussels
    Fresh mussels in creamy lemon and white wine sauce served with bread
  • Brioche bruschetta (V)(V)
    Toasted brioche topped with avocado and tomato marinated in basil, garlic and olive oil
  • Sirloin steak
    Matured 6oz sirloin steak served with chips and salad
    (add crispy peppered onions or pepper sauce £1.50)
  • Chicken melt
    Chicken breast with bacon and cheddar served with coleslaw, crispy peppered onions, chips and barbecue sauce
  • Baby ribs
    1/2 rack of pork baby ribs served with chips and home made coleslaw
    (double your portion or add blackened chicken £5)
  • House burger
    Served with cheese, bacon, crispy peppered onions and salad with side chips and home made coleslaw
  • Veggie burger (V)(V)
    100% vegan served with brioche, mayonnaise, tomato lettuce, onions and avocado with side rosemary roasted potatoes
  • Lamb duo
    Lamb shoulder rillette and lamb medallions with crushed potatoes, green beans, minted pea pure, crispy oyster mushrooms and red wine jus
  • Sea bass fillet
    Grilled sea bass fillet served with roasted new potatoes, green beans king prawns, and lemon, thyme cherry tomato broth
  • Chicken salad
    Grilled chicken and avocado served on a bed of house salad
  • Charred vegetables (V)(V)
    Combination of char grilled vegetables with asparagus, crushed potatoes and a lemon, thyme and cherry tomato sauce topped with lime pickled red onion
  • Home made Banoffee pie
  • Marlowes Tiramisu
  • Lemon panna cotta with raspberry coulis
  • Belgian chocolate and raspberry tort (V)

*Note: if you have any allergies, intolerances or any dietary requirement please let us know

Lunch menu & Sandwiches served from 11:30AM Mon - Sat. Not available with any offers, discounts or vouchers

  • Stella Draught 1/2 Pint £2.65 Pint £4.50
  • Peroni £3.95
  • Corona £3.95
  • Budweiser £3.95
  • Guinness £3.95
  • Becks Blue £3.85
  • Kopparberg Apple £4.75
  • Whitstable Bay Organic £4.75
  • Old Mout Cider £4.75
    Passionfruit & Apple, Kiwi & Lime, Summer Berries, Pomegranate & Strawberry
  • Spirits 25ml £3.95 Premium £4.95

Please Ask for Details

  • Coke / Diet Coke / Fanta / Sprite £2.85
  • Appletiser / J20 £2.85
  • Juice Regular £2.40 | Large £3.95
  • Mineral Water 330ml £2.00 | 1 litre £4.50
  • Borsari Spumante NV Italy 125ml £4.95 | bottle £22.95
    Fresh and softly sparkling wine. Refreshing scent ofgreen grapes and citrus zest.
  • Tosti Prosecco Italy 125ml £5.95 | bottle £26.95
    Well-balanced and refreshing, with a delicate almond note.
  • Borsari Rose Italy bottle £22.95
    Light and refreshing with a pleasant summer-fruit fragrance and  avour.
  • Lamotte Brut Champagne bottle £39.95
    Intense nose is tight and yeasty with savoury notes and toasty, herb-tinged lemon.
  • G H Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut NV Champagne bottle £56.95
    Structured and powerful but is also fresh and fruity. Elegant aromas of fresh and tropical fruits with vanilla and caramel overtones.

All prices are in £ inc VAT. 125ml measure available on wines by the glass. Wines on the list may contain sulphites, egg or milk products. Please ask a member of staff should you require guidance.

  • Furious Boar Zinfandel Rosé USA 125ml 4.75 | 175ml 6.25 | 250ml 8.45 | bottle 20.95
    Medium sweet with strawberry flavour, this lighter style is perfect any time of day.
  • Cambio 7 Rosé Chile 125ml 4.35 | 175ml 5.75 | 250ml 7.85 | bottle 19.95
    Lovely sweet aromas of berries. Refreshing, crisp acidity balancing the ripe fruit.
  • Tini Sangiovese Rosé Italy 125ml 3.75 | 175ml 4.90 | 250ml 6.60 | bottle 16.95
    Fruity with hints of cherry, has a fresh and full  flavour, reminiscent of wild berries.
  • Vina Lupina Pinot Grigio Blush Italy 125ml 4.75 | 175ml 6.25 | 250ml 8.45 | bottle 20.95
    Light, easy-drinking rosé wine has subtle red fruit flavours and a soft finish.
  • Le Versant Pinot Noir France bottle £28.95
    Wonderfully aromatic with complex notes of red fruits and liquorice.
  • Tini Sangiovese Rubicone Italy 125ml £3.75 | 175ml £4.90 | 250ml £6.60 | bottle £16.95
    Floral bouquet with hints of violets and a crisp ripe cherry finish.
  • Legato Nero D'Avola Italy 125ml £4.95 | 175ml £6.75 | 250ml £8.95 | bottle £22.95
    This wine has an intense spicy cherry aroma with rich, ripe dark fruit flavours.
  • Cambio 7 Merlot Chile 125ml £4.35 | 175ml £5.75 | 250ml £7.85 | bottle £19.95
    Cherry and plum aromas, spiced fruitcake and earthy nuances.
  • Argento Malbec Argentina bottle £24.95
    Juicy plum and blackberry with chocolate and vanilla lead into a long finish.
  • Old Press Shiraz Australia 125ml £3.95 | 175ml £5.25 | 250ml £6.95 | bottle £17.95
    Good ripe tannin structure, friendly and approachable, with rich plum and red berry.
  • Cambio 7 Sauvignon Blanc Chile 125ml £4.35 | 175ml £5.75 | 250ml £7.85 | bottle £19.95
    Tropical fruit aromas overlay a solid base of citrus and herbaceous characters.
  • Tini Trebbiano Chard Rubico Italy 125ml £3.75 | 175ml £4.90 | 250ml £6.60 | bottle £16.95
    Mouth watering acidity and medium alcohol with intense floral citrus notes.
  • Legato Inzolia Italy bottle £22.95
    Aromatic with hints of white flowers and lemongrass, light and fresh on the palate.
  • Maota Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlbrough, New Zealand bottle £24.95
    Ripe tropical fruit gives way to a medley of green peppers, gooseberries and apple.
  • Jackalberry Chenin Blanc South Africa 125ml £3.95 | 175ml £5.25 | 250ml £6.95 | bottle £17.95
    Herbaceous with hints of nettle and ripe pear and grapefruit on the palate.
  • Vina Lupina Pinot Grigio Italy 125ml £4.75 | 175ml £6.25 | 250ml £8.45 | bottle £20.95
    Bright yellow, crisp and fruity with a floral nose, its taste is fresh and long lasting.